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Why Your Washer is Shaking & Moving

A violently shaking washing machine is never a good sign. It’s important to find the cause for your shaking washer as soon as possible; the problem might be a simple part replacement, but if left untreated, could worsen. Figure out what the root of the problem is and what needs to be replaced today on our blog!

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5 Reasons why your Washer is Shaking

It’s important to ensure that the washer’s power should is off and protective clothing is worn when handling springs. If you are unsure about your issue, it may be best to reach out to a professional.

Shock Absorber: All front-load washers have shock absorbers that weaken the movement in the washer during a spin cycle. When they weaken, unbalanced loads may shake violently and cause a loud banging noise. After removing the power from the washer, the shock absorbers can be accessed by removing the front or rear panel. Inspect the shock absorbers for damage and leaked fluid and replace both if necessary. If the problem isn’t resolved, the initial damage can lead to damage in other components of the washer.

Suspension and Tub Spring: The suspension and tub springs are used to suspend or stabilize the tub from the washer cabinet and base. Similar to shock absorbers, they also absorb movement in the washer during spin cycles. These spring can become damaged, stretched, detached and can make excessive noise. To access the springs, the top or front panel needs to be removed. It’s recommended that damaged springs are replaced.

Snubber Ring, Damper Pads, and Tub Wear Pads: Snubber rings provide a cushion between the tub support and base. Eventually, they can get worn out where the metal base touches the metal tub support causing vibrations. Remove the front panel to look for white dust or dislodged pads. The springs may need to be removed if you want to replace the ring or pads.

Tub Dampening Strap: There are four straps attached to the top of the tub that help cushion movement within the washer. When these straps start to wear or become damaged, the tub can touch the cabinet resulting in shaking and loud noises. These straps can be accessed by raising the top of the washer, and the dampening straps should be replaced four at a time if there is any noticeable damage.

Leveling Leg: Leveling legs are used to support and keep the washing machine balanced. If your washer is shaking, check that all of the legs are evenly touching the floor. Make sure that the locking nuts are securely tightened and that the legs are undamaged. The leveling legs should be replaced if any of the rubber feet or leveling legs are damaged or missing.

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