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Whirlpool Fridge Repair

Get quick and trusted same-day, warrantied repairs on Whirlpool fridges in the Vancouver area!

We promise a service appointment within 24 hours, or we guarantee 10% off your repair cost!

Call us TOLL-FREE at (604) 259-5946 for your quote at NO CHARGE!

Any broken home appliance brings you and your family a heap of trouble, but none more than your home’s refrigerator. The inconvenience of dealing with a damaged fridge is immense, so finding a reputable and reliable kitchen appliance repair company is crucial in this time! Trust only the best, and receive same-day, warrantied repairs on your Whirlpool fridge!

Quick Appliance Repair only offers the most trusted and reliable service in the Vancouver area. All technicians are specially trained and experienced in repairing your Whirlpool fridge.

Quick Appliance Repair repairs all Whirlpool fridge models, including:

  • French Door Fridges
  • Side-by-Side Fridges
  • Bottom Freezer Fridges
  • Top Freezer Fridges

Common Whirlpool Fridge issues: 

  • Insufficient cooling in fridge
  • Faulty condenser coils
  • Faulty evaporator fan motor
  • Over freezing in freezer section
  • Ice maker not producing ice
  • Fridge light not turning on

Quick Appliance Repair Service and Warranty

Here at Quick Appliance Repair, we offer complete and speedy service with your free service call at all times! Call us at (604) 259-5946 for your free quote today. Not only do we offer top of the line repairs at low, affordable rates, but all of our repairs also come with a full service warranty. Our no-hassle warranties ensure that you can rest easy knowing that you and your fridge are in safe hands.

Quick Appliance Repair Service Hours

We are open evening, weekend, and holidays, all for your convenience! all year round, we are there to provide you with quick and reliable kitchen appliance repair services.

Quick Appliance Repair provides Whirlpool fridge repair in the following areas:

North Vancouver
West Vancouver

Maple Ridge
White Rock and surrounding areas!


To have your Whirlpool fridge repaired by trained professionals in a quick, timely fashion, call (604) 259-5946 today!

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