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What May Be Causing These Common Stove Issues

After a certain amount of use, you’re bound to run into a few of these common stove issues.

In this blog, we discuss a few common stove issues our technicians have dealt with, and what may be causing them. If you’re in need of a stove repair in Langley or surrounding areas, call us at 1 (888) 456-8860 where our technicians at Quick Appliance Repair are happy to help with your stove repair!

Gas Stove Isn’t Lighting Up

A common issue with gas stoves is that the elements will not light. There should be a “click” sound when you power up the gas stove. You can tell that the stove is experiencing issues if you’ve turned on the stove, but it doesn’t light up (although you may be able to smell the gas). If your gas doesn’t have the “click” sound, then you may have a faulty ignition switch. If you can’t smell the gas, then there is an issue with the gas flow.

Turn off the lights and turn on the stove. The flames should be a bluish white colour. If you notice that the sparks are more on the red side, it means that the igniter needs to be replaced.

Electric Stove Won’t Heat Up

If the issue is limited to just one specific burner, the problem may be with the connection of the heating. Turn off the stove and and make sure the coil is unplugged and cool before examining it. Observe for signs of damage, such as cracks or bubbles. If it doesn’t appear to have any damages, try switching it with an alternate coil of the same size and test them both.

If the issue is with all the burners, then it might be an electric issue. It is likely that you don’t have power to the unit or you may have blown a fuse. You can test it by checking if the outlet is working. If it is working, then the issue is with the stove itself; this would warrant calling a professional for a stove repair.

Unable To Adjust The Heat On The Electric Stove

Often times, the electric stove will lose its ability to adjust the heat production. This is an issue with the switch that is connected to the dial that controls the heat power levels. In this case, it’s likely that you will need a replacement; we recommend contacting a professional before attempting to replace any parts yourself.

Still unsure of what’s affecting your stove or you’re in need of a repair? Call into Quick Appliance Repair at 1 (888) 456-8860 where our experienced technicians can help you with your stove repair in Langley!

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