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Give Your Dryer a Deep Cleanse With These Tips!

The most common maintenance tip for dryers is to clean out the lint filter, but that’s hardly scratching the surface. For your dryer to operate efficiently, a deep clean is a must!

Keep on reading as Quick Appliance Repair gives you some deep cleaning tips to lengthen the life and efficiency of your dryer, as well as reducing your risk of a fire. If you notice any issues with your dryer, call us today as our technicians perform dryer repair in Langley and surrounding areas!

Clean the Lint Trap

The best place to start deep cleaning your dryer is to clean out the dryer filter as this is where most of the lint is trapped. The dryer produces a humid air from drying the wet laundry. If the filter is clogged, the air won’t be able to pass through making it harder for the clothes to dry. Also, lint is flammable, so the more that’s built up, the higher the chance your dryer has of setting on fire. Cleaning out the filter is easy; simply remove it and wash it with some dish soap, warm water and gently scrub it with an old toothbrush. Make sure it’s completely dry before you place it back into the dryer.

Empty Out The Air Vent

Make sure to take a look at the inside of the vent of the filter before you place the filter back into place. Although your filter is supposed to trap everything, it is likely that some sort of junk managed to make it through the filter.  It is good to clean out the vent once a year to prevent debris from building up. Vacuum out the vent with a narrow hose to keep it clean.

Clear Vent Tubes

If you pull your dryer away from the wall just a bit, you will see a silver tube that connects your dryer into the wall. That is the vent tube that moves the humid air from the dryer to the outdoors. It is important to clean out the vent tube once a year as well. To clean the tube, first loosen the screw on the metal band of the tube and pull the vent off, disconnecting it from the wall. It may be sticky since fabric softener usually goes through the vent. Wash the vent in warm water, lathering it soap, rinse it and ensure that it is completely dry before reconnecting it.

The Ultimate Deep Cleanse

Lint is bound to get on every single component of your dryer, even the motor and other mechanical parts. It is good to clean them out every 18 months or so. As this task is quite complex, it is recommended to have call in professionals to have it done.

Noticed an issue with your dryer while cleaning it? Call into Quick Appliance Repair for a dryer repair in Langley! 1 (888) 456-8860

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