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Repair vs. Replace The Dryer In Your Surrey Home

The average lifespan for any appliance is about 10-20 years. The decision becomes difficult when you already have an appliance but it has overgrown its warranty period, this is when you have to decide do I repair this one or buy a new dryer entirely?

If you can be sure that this one repair is not going to be the beginning of a long line of dryer repairs then that is probably your best bet. Although, if you have had your dryer for many years and are not confident in its performance for years to come purchasing a new one may be a good idea.  

This decision is pursuaed based on how much money is being spent and how much homeowners in Surrey will be saving over time based on their decisions. Quick Appliance Repair is Vancouver’s go to for dryer repairs.

Common dryer problems to look out for:

  • Dryer does not turn on
  • The dryer does not produce heat
  • Doesn’t tumble during cycle
  • Makes odd, loud noises
  • Clothes are still wet/ wrinkled

If you find problems with your dryer there are a couple things you can look for:

  • Check the dryer lint screen
  • Look for clogged air vent hose
  • Drum stopped working
  • Bad motor
  • Thermal fuse or thermostat
  • Heating element burnt out
  • Loose plugs and sockets
  • Other reasons for malfunction

At Quick Appliance Repair we pride ourselves on ensuring your appliance repair needs are met! We have a warranty program with our repairs ensuring you get the service you desire for the dollar you spend. Call 1 888 456 8860 or visit us online to get in touch with a Surrey technician today!

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