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Proper Fridge Organization: Keeping Your Food Fresh For Longer

Did you know that certain foods will last longer and stay fresher in specific parts of the fridge? We’re here to help you not only get organized, but also make sure your food stays fresh as long as possible. Food expiring can be a huge hit to your wallet, so it’s time to smarten up and get organized! Organization goes far beyond just what goes where, and you’ll find a lot of neat and underrated tips for food preservation. If these tips do not improve your refrigerator operation, it might be time for a refrigerator repair in Langley. Call Quick Appliance Repair for your same-day service! Read our blog below and see how you can improve your fridge habits today!

Cool Down

Before you organize your fridge, make sure your temperature is set to a safe amount. Anything over 40 °C is potentially unsafe to you and your household, as bacteria can grow at this temperature. Anything under that is fine; it can be adjusted according to your preferences, but 40 °C will keep your food fresh, and maximize your fridge’s energy efficiency.  

The Drawers

Your produce and deli drawers can become humid and potential bacteria zones for your food. Check the humidity settings and make sure they are correct for maintaining optimal freshness! Some veggies or fruits stay good in different temperatures, so do some research and see which greens should be sorted together.

Leftover Care

Leftovers can stay fresher for longer in glass containers! You can keep them in these for up to four days (depending on the type of food, of course). Glass containers also allow you to easily see into what food is inside; this is great as leftovers are so often forgotten about in the fridge. Try and keep older food closer to the front of the fridge; this is so you’ll see it and remember to use it before it goes bad.

Don’t Mix Your Ingredients

Anyone who has worked with food or in a kitchen knows the dangers of cross contamination. Never keep mixed foods stored together in your fridge! If you have the ingredients to prep a salad, have them stored in separate containers in your fridge. This will stop one bad ingredient from ruining the rest.

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