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Most People Are Cleaning Their Stove Wrong.. Are You?

Stove cleaning seems like a straightforward process; wipe up some spills, disinfect it, make it shine, and you’re done… Right?

Wrong! You’d be surprised to learn that most people have been cleaning their stove incorrectly for years! The most common practices are, at best, inefficient; however, a few are potentially dangerous! See what the stove repair experts in Surrey think you’re doing poorly and how you can make stove cleaning a quicker and safer chore in your home!

Mistake #1

The first common stove cleaning mistake is not making sure the area is safe to work on and clean. Most times when cleaning, home owners leave the gas to their stove on, but it is important to turn it off. Fire and electrical shocks are both risks of cleaning with the power connected. By disconnecting the electricity and turning off the source of gas, you will be keeping yourself safe, and your stove out of harm’s way.

Mistake #2

The next mistake that is often made when cleaning is not taking off every detachable part of your stove to make the cleaning process easier. Certain parts of your stove, like the drip pans, racks, gas burners, handles and knobs, can be removed and washed in the sink or with a dishrag. By removing these parts, you can get a much closer and detailed clean, easily. Underneath these parts can often be hard to access and clean if they are not completely removed first.

Mistake #3

Buy clothes on sale – not cleaning products. A good quality oven and stove cleaner will go miles beyond what a cheap off brand name cleaner will do. Think of it as an investment into the maintenance of your stove. Make sure to follow the directions exactly as they are described and use a good quality set of rubber cleaning gloves.

Mistake #4

With that being said, you should not use any chlorine bleach products on your stove, or any other “strong” chemicals. These might make your stove sparkle after the first few uses, but they will actually cause more damage to your stove over time. This is particularly true for stainless steel stoves; they contain chromium metal which helps with corrosion resistance. When in contact with these stronger chemicals, chromium metal will often rust and corrode over many uses. Make sure to find a milder (yet still high quality) cleaning product for your stove.

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