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How To Optimally Maintain Your Dishwasher

Having a dishwasher is a helpful tool to any home, and helps reduce your workload and time spent cleaning around the house. Take note, though, if you are a new dishwasher owner, then you know the costs of buying this helpful appliance. The secret here is to keep up with regular good habits for your dishwasher, so that you can keep it in good condition for longer.  To avoid needing dishwasher repair in Surrey, follow these easy good habits and tricks to get the most out of your dishwasher! Not only will these tips help you keep your dishwasher new, they will also help it work better on a day-to-day basis! Trust only Quick Appliance Repair for all your dishwasher maintenance needs and concerns!

Rinsing Goes A Long Way

Having stuck food on your dirty dishes when you put them into your dishwasher is a danger that could impact the efficiency of your dishwasher. Not only will your dishes come out still dirty, the extra debris floating around in your dishwasher could cause some serious problems. A quick rinse, and perhaps a scrape or two will help reduce these risks and will keep your dishes clean and washed.

Try Not To Overload

It might be easy to stuff in a whole bunch of dishes and cups into your dishwasher to not have to do double the loads, but you should avoid this. A lot of dirty dishes in your dishwasher might not come out well washed, so either split the dishes into two loads, or wash a few by hand.

Pick The Right Settings

Look at the many different settings available on your dishwasher. If you have a smaller load, select the best option for that. Same goes with bigger loads. It might be tempting to just pick the smallest load option available to save on your hydro bill, but you will find that your dishes do not come out as well cleaned as they should be if the load is not, indeed, light.

Vinegar is Key!

You do not need to do this task after every load, but committing to it on a monthly basis is a great way to keep your dishwasher in like-new condition. Run some vinegar through an your dishwasher to clean it right up. No special setting are necessary. Not only will this help reduce smells from your dishwasher, it will also thoroughly disinfect and clean your dishwasher.

Watch The Trap

Your dishwasher should have a net or trap that collects food and other contaminants. Cleaning this out  here and there will really help the efficiency of your dishwasher. This buildup could poorly affect your dishwasher after some time, so remember to take a look every so often and clean it out.

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