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Fridge Repair: How to Replace The Dispenser Door Interface

Has your fridge dispenser doors interface broken down? Not a problem! Learn how to fix it yourself with our guide below!

What Do I Need?

  • The user interface board needed for fridge repair
  • #2 Robinson Screwdriver
  • Small flat blade screwdriver

Safety Instructions

Before you begin your repair, make sure to unplug your fridge. Neglecting to take this step could result in serious injury via electric shock from your fridge!

Down To The Bare Bones

Time to remove the framework from the dispenser door. This can be a little confusing, as is often where DIY dispenser door repairs go awry. Using a very thin screwdriver, open the frame via the thin gap between the framework and door panel. Beginning at a corner is always easiest. Once you feel you have a good grip on the inside of the gap, run the screwdriver down allow all edges to loosen the structure. Be gentle! You do not want to break the framework in this process.

Once this has been completed, you should be able to see the screws. 2 Robinson screws hold the display panel and housing assembly together. First, unscrew the robinson screws and lift the housing off of its hinges and take it off. There should still be wiring connecting the two component. Unplug the two molexs, and you’re good to go.

Removing the Circuit Board

Apply pressure to each of the four sections holding the circuit board. Pull up on the board to remove it from the body.

Two ribbon connectors on the board need to be removed. Once disconnected, you can safely remove the defective interface board.

Put in the New Board

Luckily, this is where your repair gets easy. You are basically walking back through all the steps you just completed.

Attach the ribbon connectors, and put your replacement into place.

Reattach the two molex plugs dangling out of your fridge. The large one goes to the right, small on the left. Screw the Robinsons back into place.

The frame should be able to just glide back on to the foundation with some slight pressure.

At home repairs can be hard. When in doubt, call Quick Appliance Repair for a fast and reliable service! Reach us at: (604) 259-5946

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