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Fix the Recurring Washer Malfunctions in your Vancouver Home!

Is the washing machine in your Vancouver home in need of a urgent repair? If so, call Quick Appliance Repair at 1 888 456 8860 today!

A washing machine acts as a big tub that repeatedly fills with water and then drains, and it spins to wring clothes dry. There are four cycles that every washer performs these are; fill, wash, drain and spin. These functions are pretty basic but still have the ability to malfunction every so often.

There are a number of problems that can occur with your washing machine these include;

Washing machine doesn’t work

If your washer doesn’t operate or many any noise when you turn it on, it may not be receiving electrical power. You also want to be sure that the washer lid is closed completely. If the receptacle seems like it is dead, check the circuit breaker.

Washer doesn’t rinse correctly

If residue remains on your clothing or in the washing machine, the problem could be a variety of things. First, make sure you are using your machine properly- not to much soap or laundry in one load. If you find that your washer is not rinsing properly, you can check the supply valves, make sure the hoses are in good condition, or you can check the drain hose.

Washing machine leaks

Leaking water from a washing machine typically comes from a broken hose or loose connection. Be sure that water isn’t from a blocked drain pipe. To prevent potential for flooding or mold growth, be sure to check your hose and install a new one if necessary! If your washer is leaking and no methods are working for you, try checking the fittings on the hoses, also check the seals and bearings.

If you are a Vancouver resident who has been suffering from a broken washing machine, call Paramount Appliance Repair technicians at 1 888 456 8860 or click here for more information!

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