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Washing Tips for Washing Machines

Over time your washer is bound to run into a hiccup or two, especially as it begins to age. By using your machine properly, and performing regular maintenance, you can not only get cleaner  clothes, but extend the life of your washing machine as well. Keep reading for washing tips that will not only help your clothes come out cleaner, but will ensure your washer lasts longer as well.

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Use the Right Detergent

Some detergents will work better in certain washers. For instance, detergent that is made for high-efficiency machines will work better than a regular detergent. You should also make sure to use the correct amount, as using too much will create extra suds and can leave your “clean” clothes soapy after the cycle; on the other hand, too little won’t clean your clothes at all. Using too much can also lead to mold if it is not cleaned properly. Be sure to check the label of the detergent carefully and see if it is compatible with your washing machine.

Don’t Overload

Adding too many clothes to your washer can actually damage the machine. This is because when you add water to the clothes it increases their weight, and if there is too much weight, it means that the drum is not able to spin properly. Not only does this mean that your clothes aren’t getting cleaned properly, it also means that the machine can break over time. Your clothes should fill the washer drum, but you should not have to shove them in tightly.

Use the Correct Speed

Just like making sure you select the correct load size, you need to make sure that you are using the correct spinning speed for the size of the load you are washing. The machine will start to experience malfunctions If you are constantly using the high spinning speeds to wash your loads even if it’s unnecessary. This could potentially damage your washer in the long run if you constantly have it on the wrong speed. Using the right speed will not only keep your clothing lasting longer, but it will keep your washer lasting longer as well.

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No one wants their fridge to break down, especially over the holidays. Fridge repair can get pricey, plus if your food spoils you could lose a lot of money. Fortunately there are ways to avoid fridge malfunctions. Keep reading for 3 maintenance tips for fridges.

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Coils Should Be Clean

Dust and dirt easily build up on your fridge’s coils, located either at the back or bottom of your fridge, and will affect your fridge ability to stay cold. This makes the job of keeping them clean essential. This job is simple to our technicians, but as you need to pull the fridge out it may be difficult for some homeowners. To clean the coils, pull the fridge from the wall and carefully wipe them down. Make sure the fridge is unplugged before you do this to avoid getting electrocuted.

Listen for Dripping Noises

You may hear the refrigerator making crackling sounds or settling throughout the day, but If you notice the sound of dripping, this means that there is an issue with the fridge. If this happens you should try pulling out the drip pan to see if there is any debris or clogs in the area causing the problem. If the fridge is too heavy, get someone to assist you avoid hurting yourself. If you find excessive dripping it could mean water is blocked and could possibly be puddling under your refrigerator, for which you will need to call a technician for a repair.

Make Sure Fridge is Level

Your fridge needs to be level in order to work properly; this allows all of the internal parts to operate properly. You could actually have a leak if the appliance is tilted on an angle. The process of leveling a fridge can easily be done, but if you have never done it before, it may be better to hire a licensed technician to do it for you to avoid injury.

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Knowing how to use your oven can mean the difference between perfectly cooked and burnt food. Read about these tips which can assist you in getting that even cook in your brownies, soufflés, or anything in between.

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Stay away from dark metal cookware: Dark coloured cookware tends to heat up faster and absorb more heat. This can result in the bottom of your food being cooked before the middle or top is done. Instead, glass or light coloured metal are good choices when baking in gas ovens to get a more even cook.

Turn up the heat for crispier foods: An oven can be humid, so getting foods crispy can be difficult. You can achieve this by turning your oven by just 25°F. Be sure to adjust the time it takes to cook so check on your oven frequently for visual and aromatic signs that your food is finished cooking.

Higher trays mean browner tops: As mentioned before, the moist air can make foods brown a lot slower. To speed up the browning process, move the tray up to the highest rack. You can also bring your food to a higher tray if you’re finding that your tops aren’t cooking as fast as the bottom of the food. Alternatively, you can cook your food in the broiler for a short period of time. Pay careful attention, for it is really easy to overcook and burn your food!

Pizza stones help cook evenly: A pizza stone is able to store and release heat very effectively and evenly. This makes it a great asset in getting very even cooks whenever you bake. When baking, place the pizza stone one rack below whatever you’re baking to get an even, radiant heat. Try not to cook directly on top of the pizza stone as this can overcook or burn lighter foods. Keep your pizza stone on the floor of the oven or the lowest rack when you’re not baking.

Rotate your trays for an even cook: Gas ovens will often have areas that will be hotter than others. Be sure to rotate foods 90 degrees at least once throughout the cooking process. Foods that take longer can be rotated multiple times. When using multiple racks, swap the trays while still rotating them. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, bake multiple trays of bread crumbs on all of the racks in order to identify the hotspots. The next time you cook, you’ll be able to rotate your food according to where the hotspots are.

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Without detergent, your dishes remain dirty and greasy, and you’ll never be satisfied with your wash cycle. There are a few reasons as to why your detergent isn’t dispensing; see if you can get to the bottom of the problem with these tips.

If you’d rather have a reliable technician to take over your dishwasher repair in Langley, give our team a call. With our years of experience, same-day repair, and licensed professionals, you will definitely be satisfied with our services. Here are 6 reasons your dishwasher may not be dispensing detergent;

Detergent and Rinse Aid Dispensers: The dispenser drops detergent into the dishwasher tub during wash cycles. It consists of an unsealed and sealed component for prewash and the main wash respectively. First, make sure that the dispenser is full. Next check to make sure that the dispenser isn’t clogged and clean it if you find anything blocking the exit. The dispenser cover should be easy to open and should be replaced or fixed if there is any damage.

Rinse Aid Cap: This piece is located on the inner door panel of the washer. Remove the cap and inspect for any signs of damage. The cap might not be fitted on due to it being previously loosened or damaged by wash cycles. Replace the cap if the rinse cap can not be properly fitted.

Door Hinge and Hinge Pin: The reason why your machine might not be dispensing detergent is because of the door hinge and pin. Check that the spring and pin aren’t damaged or broken, and replace if necessary. If the catch keeping the door closed isn’t releasing, inspect the timer, the bi-metal release, or wax motor for any irregularities or damage.

Bi-Metal Release: Older models will use a bi-metal release to release the detergent dispenser door catch. This component releases through an electrical current. Check that the bi-metal release power is being activated at the right time. If not, the bi-metal release should be replaced.

Wax Motor: The purpose of the wax motor is to release the detergent dispenser door catch. The detergent won’t be released if the wax motor doesn’t let the detergent door release. The wax motor is similar to a solenoid when activated, and the piston proceeds to release the door catch. Like the bi-metal release, check that the wax motor is being activated at the right time. If not, the wax motor should be replaced.

Timer: Other models will use a timer to open the detergent dispenser. During the cycle, the door catch should release the detergent after the timer activates. Check that the timer cam and the connection between the timer and door catch are functional. Otherwise, replace whatever is defective.

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A violently shaking washing machine is never a good sign. It’s important to find the cause for your shaking washer as soon as possible; the problem might be a simple part replacement, but if left untreated, could worsen. Figure out what the root of the problem is and what needs to be replaced today on our blog!

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5 Reasons why your Washer is Shaking

It’s important to ensure that the washer’s power should is off and protective clothing is worn when handling springs. If you are unsure about your issue, it may be best to reach out to a professional.

Shock Absorber: All front-load washers have shock absorbers that weaken the movement in the washer during a spin cycle. When they weaken, unbalanced loads may shake violently and cause a loud banging noise. After removing the power from the washer, the shock absorbers can be accessed by removing the front or rear panel. Inspect the shock absorbers for damage and leaked fluid and replace both if necessary. If the problem isn’t resolved, the initial damage can lead to damage in other components of the washer.

Suspension and Tub Spring: The suspension and tub springs are used to suspend or stabilize the tub from the washer cabinet and base. Similar to shock absorbers, they also absorb movement in the washer during spin cycles. These spring can become damaged, stretched, detached and can make excessive noise. To access the springs, the top or front panel needs to be removed. It’s recommended that damaged springs are replaced.

Snubber Ring, Damper Pads, and Tub Wear Pads: Snubber rings provide a cushion between the tub support and base. Eventually, they can get worn out where the metal base touches the metal tub support causing vibrations. Remove the front panel to look for white dust or dislodged pads. The springs may need to be removed if you want to replace the ring or pads.

Tub Dampening Strap: There are four straps attached to the top of the tub that help cushion movement within the washer. When these straps start to wear or become damaged, the tub can touch the cabinet resulting in shaking and loud noises. These straps can be accessed by raising the top of the washer, and the dampening straps should be replaced four at a time if there is any noticeable damage.

Leveling Leg: Leveling legs are used to support and keep the washing machine balanced. If your washer is shaking, check that all of the legs are evenly touching the floor. Make sure that the locking nuts are securely tightened and that the legs are undamaged. The leveling legs should be replaced if any of the rubber feet or leveling legs are damaged or missing.

Still can’t identify or fix the source of the shaking? Call Quick Appliance Repair in the Surrey area at (604) 259-5946 or book online to get a free estimate!

The microwave is a Holy Grail for quickly reheating leftover foods; however, most people don’t realize that the way they use and treat their microwave can actually affect its productivity and lifespan.

Quick Appliance Repair provides a few tips you can follow to help to maintain the overall performance of your microwave. If you think it’s time to get a microwave repair in Langley, or surrounding areas, give us a call at (604) 259-5946 for a free quote and same day repair!

Use Microwave-Safe Dishware

One of the most common reasons as to why the performance of microwaves deteriorates is because some people put incompatible dishware inside them. Avoid: anything made out of  aluminum foil or metal, paper bags, one-time use plastic containers and dishware with gold or silver accents in the microwave. Always check the label of the dishware to see if it’s microwave-safe.

You can conduct a test to see if your dishware is microwave-safe. Place the dishware in the microwave with a microwave safe dish, and heat it on high for 1 minute. If your dishware is too hot to touch, it means that it is likely not microwave-safe as it has absorbed too much energy.

Maintain the Cleanliness

You can easily extend the lifespan of your microwave simply by keeping it clean. Food stains on the interior absorbs energy which can eventually burn and damage the components of the microwave. Cleaning the microwave is easy as all it takes is just wiping it down with warm water and soap.

For those stubborn stains that refuse to budge, you can heat up a cup of water in the microwave for a minute or so to allow some steam to circulate inside. The steam will loosen up the food particles, making it easier to be removed. Investing in a microwave lid/cover can reduce the amount of mess that is produced.

Do Not Run An Empty Microwave

Avoid running the microwave with nothing in it, as it can cause extreme damage to your microwave. The energy that is produced from the microwave is absorbed from the food; when there is nothing in the microwave to absorb the energy, it is then absorbed by the components of the microwave, such as the glass. These materials were not developed to tolerate the energy exposure. Once it is damaged by the energy, it will require a repair or full replacement.

Use Preset Cooking Times

People tend to avoid the preset cooking times that are included with the microwave. The preset microwave times are meant to help you make the most use out of your unit by heating it up to the best of its ability, while keeping the energy loss at a bare minimum. This will help lessen the stress put on your microwave, while also heating up your food at ideal temperatures and heating times.

Know When It’s Time For a Repair/Replacement

Although you may have properly maintained your microwave, it is still bound to encounter some sort of issue in the future. If you notice that your microwave is still not heating up properly, door won’t latch properly or another issue you cannot diagnose, then perhaps it’s time to call in a professional for a microwave repair in Langley.

If you’re in need of a microwave repair in Langley or surrounding areas, call Quick Appliance Repair a call at (604) 259-5946 for a free quote and same day repair!

Your dishwasher is your best friend when you are trying to finish all your household chores. You can leave it alone to finish the job after a push of a button!

However, your dishwasher is bound to experience issues that will leave you unsure of what to do. Before you put your money down for a repair or replacement, try troubleshooting these 4 common issues people experience with their dishwashers.

If you need a dishwasher repair in Surrey or surrounding areas, give Quick Appliance Repair a call to book a same day appointment! Our licensed and insured technicians will have it fixed for you in no time.

Subpar Cleaning Jobs

If your dishwasher is barely cleaning your dishes, is it even a dishwasher? It’s important to keep your dishwasher clean for it to be able to clean your dirty dishes effectively. Check the strain screen, door gasket and the spray arm and remove any residue or leftover food particles. Refer to your owner’s manual if you are unsure where these parts are. If you use hard water, there will be calcium build up on your spray arms that need to be cleaned off. If you notice that the spray arm is worn out, have it replaced by a professional technician.

After the inspection, follow up with an empty cleaning cycle using just dishwasher cleaner to thoroughly clean the interior of your dishwasher. Vinegar or baking soda work great for this.

Leaking Dishwasher

One of the most commonly dreaded dishwasher issue is when it starts leaking. Not only does it not allow your dishwasher to work efficiently but it may do damages to the flooring of your kitchen. Inspect the drainage hose and the gaskets in the heating element for any cracks.

If there are no cracks, proceed to look at the door gasket. Chances are the gasket has worn out and and needs to be replaced. Another possible suspect is the pump seal as it may be defective. If the pump seal is defective, consider replacing the seal or entire pump. For this you will also need to call a technician to make sure it is done properly.

Unpleasant Odours

If your dishwasher has an unpleasant smell after each washing cycle, inspect the strainer screen, spray arm jets and the bottom of the door for any grease or food that’s been trapped in the jets. Clean those areas and proceed to run an empty cycle using dishwasher cleaner or disinfectant. A good way to prevent food from getting trapped in the dishwasher is by rinsing the dirty dishes and removing large chunks of food before placing them into the dishwasher.

Noisy Dishwasher

Most dishwashers are bound to be noisy unless you’ve purchased a dishwasher that was made to be extremely quiet. However, if you notice that your dishwasher has gotten more noisy over time, then perhaps there is something wrong with it. Check to see if the pump is worn out or has any damages. If not, then there is a chance that the spray arms aren’t able to turn properly and are hitting the racks and dishes. In that case, you will need to get the spray arms repaired or replaced.

Still unsure of what’s causing your malfunctioning dishwasher? It may be time for a repair. Call Quick Appliance Repair at (604) 259-5946 for a dishwasher repair in Surrey!

How long should your appliance be lasting you? This question is crucial when trying to decide if you should repair or replace your broken down ho me appliance. Quick Appliance Repair is here to clear up any misconceptions you may have heard! Read our guide below and be in-the-know about the average lifespan of your home appliances! Steering towards repair over replacement? Then choose Quick Appliance Repair today for your same-day and warrantied home appliance repair! Read more below.


Warranty is Crucial

Before you should even consider replacement, you need to look into the warranty that comes with your appliance purchase. If your product is still covered by the warranty, then you absolutely need to use this as your course of action (assuming the repair is a manufacturing defect). In many cases, your repair could be completely free!

Average Lifespans of Home Appliances

These ages, of course, can differ based on the make/model of your appliance. Another very important variable is how the appliance was taken care of for these years. An appliance that has been properly maintained throughout its lifetime will last much longer than one that has not, for example. Getting small issues that arise throughout the product’s lifetime diagnosed and repaired will actually reduce the chances of an untimely breakdown later on, so make sure to give your appliance a lot of TLC during their lifetime.

Choosing Repair? Then Choose Quick Appliance

If you have decided on repairing your appliance instead of replacing, your first course of aciton is to find a trusted and reliable technician. By choosing Quick Appliance Repair, you can rest assured knowing your appliance will be handled by insured, trained, and professional repair technicians. Get your repair TODAY!

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Stove cleaning seems like a straightforward process; wipe up some spills, disinfect it, make it shine, and you’re done… Right?

Wrong! You’d be surprised to learn that most people have been cleaning their stove incorrectly for years! The most common practices are, at best, inefficient; however, a few are potentially dangerous! See what the stove repair experts in Surrey think you’re doing poorly and how you can make stove cleaning a quicker and safer chore in your home!

Mistake #1

The first common stove cleaning mistake is not making sure the area is safe to work on and clean. Most times when cleaning, home owners leave the gas to their stove on, but it is important to turn it off. Fire and electrical shocks are both risks of cleaning with the power connected. By disconnecting the electricity and turning off the source of gas, you will be keeping yourself safe, and your stove out of harm’s way.

Mistake #2

The next mistake that is often made when cleaning is not taking off every detachable part of your stove to make the cleaning process easier. Certain parts of your stove, like the drip pans, racks, gas burners, handles and knobs, can be removed and washed in the sink or with a dishrag. By removing these parts, you can get a much closer and detailed clean, easily. Underneath these parts can often be hard to access and clean if they are not completely removed first.

Mistake #3

Buy clothes on sale – not cleaning products. A good quality oven and stove cleaner will go miles beyond what a cheap off brand name cleaner will do. Think of it as an investment into the maintenance of your stove. Make sure to follow the directions exactly as they are described and use a good quality set of rubber cleaning gloves.

Mistake #4

With that being said, you should not use any chlorine bleach products on your stove, or any other “strong” chemicals. These might make your stove sparkle after the first few uses, but they will actually cause more damage to your stove over time. This is particularly true for stainless steel stoves; they contain chromium metal which helps with corrosion resistance. When in contact with these stronger chemicals, chromium metal will often rust and corrode over many uses. Make sure to find a milder (yet still high quality) cleaning product for your stove.

Stove problems got you down? Have it assessed today, and get a warrantied repair! Call Quick Appliance Repair at (604) 259-5946 to learn more!

Did you know that certain foods will last longer and stay fresher in specific parts of the fridge? We’re here to help you not only get organized, but also make sure your food stays fresh as long as possible. Food expiring can be a huge hit to your wallet, so it’s time to smarten up and get organized! Organization goes far beyond just what goes where, and you’ll find a lot of neat and underrated tips for food preservation. If these tips do not improve your refrigerator operation, it might be time for a refrigerator repair in Langley. Call Quick Appliance Repair for your same-day service! Read our blog below and see how you can improve your fridge habits today!

Cool Down

Before you organize your fridge, make sure your temperature is set to a safe amount. Anything over 40 °C is potentially unsafe to you and your household, as bacteria can grow at this temperature. Anything under that is fine; it can be adjusted according to your preferences, but 40 °C will keep your food fresh, and maximize your fridge’s energy efficiency.  

The Drawers

Your produce and deli drawers can become humid and potential bacteria zones for your food. Check the humidity settings and make sure they are correct for maintaining optimal freshness! Some veggies or fruits stay good in different temperatures, so do some research and see which greens should be sorted together.

Leftover Care

Leftovers can stay fresher for longer in glass containers! You can keep them in these for up to four days (depending on the type of food, of course). Glass containers also allow you to easily see into what food is inside; this is great as leftovers are so often forgotten about in the fridge. Try and keep older food closer to the front of the fridge; this is so you’ll see it and remember to use it before it goes bad.

Don’t Mix Your Ingredients

Anyone who has worked with food or in a kitchen knows the dangers of cross contamination. Never keep mixed foods stored together in your fridge! If you have the ingredients to prep a salad, have them stored in separate containers in your fridge. This will stop one bad ingredient from ruining the rest.

Are you finding that your food is going bad quicker than usual? Quick Appliance Repair is here to get your problem sorted in the next 24 hours! Call us now for a warrantied repair at (614) 259-5946 !

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