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Kenmore Appliance Repair Service in Vancouver and Area

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Reliable Kenmore Appliance Repair Service in Vancouver and Area

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Kenmore Appliance Repair Service in Vancouver and area

Quick Appliance Repair company employs reliable and trustworthy Kenmore appliance repair technicians who can help bring your appliance back to life!

Kenmore Appliance – Brand History

Kenmore was established between the years on 1910-1920’s by The Sears Corporation and today its products are sold exclusively at Sears. The first product, manufactured by Kenmore, came out to the market in 1927, was a washing machine. Kenmore is celebrating 100 years of innovation and design.

Kenmore Appliance Repair

Quick Appliance Repair company has an extensive experience in repairing the following Kenmore appliances:

Kenmore Kitchen Appliances

Almost every household these days has top 5 appliances which are most used and most dependable, two of these appliances are placed in the kitchen (the refrigerator and the range/stove). Nonfunctioning kitchen appliances create a great deal of discomfort for family members who depend on it daily. At Quick Appliance Repair we wholeheartedly recognize that and we’ve built our appliance repair business to accommodate you! We offer same day repair, and a full one year service warranty.

Kenmore Refrigerators

Fridge is a critical appliance in the household which keeps poultry, fish, meat, and dairy from spoiling. It also keeps fruit from aging too fast and beverages and various other foods chilled. In the past households could keep food cold with large blocks of ice, today it is as easy as opening the door and closing it right back.

Kenmore makes various types of fridges/freezers that vary in style, colour and size, all of which we have ample experience to repair:

  • French Door Refrigerators – these fridges usually have two side by side doors that open outwards. Inside you’ll find plenty of adjustable storage space. This is a heavy duty fridge that combines design, efficiency, and functionality.
  • Top Freezer – designed with the freezer on top and the fresh food compartment in the lower portion.
  • Bottom Freezer – designed with the freezer at the bottom and the fresh food compartment in the upper portion.
  • Side-By-Side – offer a full-length freezer on the left side and full-length fresh food compartment on the right.
  • Freezerless – a fridge without freezer
  • Counter-Depth – A counter depth refrigerator does not protrude from the cabinets. It is more aesthetically pleasing because you won’t see the sides.
  • Compact – offer a small, compact design ideal for college dorms, entertaining areas, or cabins
  • Wine cellars – provide customized storage temperatures for your favourite wines and add a touch of elegance to your home

Kenmore Freezers

  • Chest freezers – designed to offer extra storage space for freezing food, best for bulky items, best for energy efficiency and has large variety of sizes.
  • Upright freezer – Easy to organize, retrieve and store foods; easier to clean, not much bending, more storage options.

Kenmore Ranges

A range combines a cooktop and an oven and comes in a standard size. Electric range is powered with electricity as opposed to gas. Gas range is powered with gas and has an option of either 4 or 5 burners.

  • Free-standing ranges – A range is a combination of a cooktop and an oven and it comes is a standard size. A range is a great solution for smaller kitchens which don’t have much space on the counter and often have a space dedicated specifically for a range. Free Standing Ranges can be installed free from surrounding cabinetry with side panels having a finished appearance
  • Drop-In ranges – sophisticated, built-in look, a drop-in range fits seamlessly into your cabinetry system. Special installation required.
  • Slide-In Ranges – offer a custom built-in-look by a simple slide-in installation within surrounding countertops and cabinets

Kenmore Cooking Appliances

  • Cooktops – A cooktop is installed on a kitchen countertop and used for heating food or cooking it from scratch. Frigidaire offers electric, induction or gas operated cooktops.
  • Wall Ovens – offer a true built-in appearance because the ovens are installed into surrounding cabinetry which provides a custom look

Kenmore Dishwashers

A Dishwasher is another indispensable appliance for households where a lot of dishes accumulate daily, in which case it is fantastic to have a machine that does the dirty job for you. A Nonfunctioning dishwasher can create a great deal of discomfort for family members who depend on it daily. At Quick Appliance Repair we recognize that wholeheartedly and therefore we’ve built our appliance repair business to accommodate you! We offer same day repair and a full one year service warranty.

Kenmore has two types of dishwashers which our technicians can repair:  

  • Built-In Dishwashers – offer a true, built-in appearance with under-the-counter installation flexibility
  • Portable Dishwashers – allow you to take full advantage of available kitchen space. It rolls to the sink for cleaning.

Kenmore Laundry Appliances

In an average home, both the man and woman work full time outside of the home, therefore having a functioning laundry appliances is an absolute necessity.  Such a dependency, on using laundry appliances such as washer and dryer, creates a great amount of discomfort when they go out of order. At Quick Appliance Repair we wholeheartedly recognize that and we’ve built our appliance repair business in a way that accommodates you! We offer same day repair and a full one year service warranty.

Our technicians can repair the following  Kenmore laundry appliances:

  • Washers – washing machine is a great time and manual labour saving appliance. Think about how much time and physical labour had to be spent on washing clothes by hand back in the day! This is by far one of the greatest inventions of the 20th Century.
  • Dryers – Dryers are immensely convenient as well especially in our cold Canadian climate. This technology allows us to wash 3 loads of clothes and completely dry them up in a matter of 3-4 hours tops.
  • Laundry Centre – Washer and Dryers in one stacked convenient unit, delivers everything you need to do your laundry. Perfect for apartments or small laundry areas
  • Commercial washers & dryers – washers and dryers operated with coins, usually used in apartments buildings and coin operated laundry centres.

Kenmore Air-Conditioners

  • Single room A/C – designed to cool only room, suits apartment units and small housing units which don’t have a central air conditioning system.
  • Air Purifiers – designed to purify and clean the air from toxins and bad odours.

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