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5 Tips to Extend the Efficiency and Longevity of Your Microwave

The microwave is a Holy Grail for quickly reheating leftover foods; however, most people don’t realize that the way they use and treat their microwave can actually affect its productivity and lifespan.

Quick Appliance Repair provides a few tips you can follow to help to maintain the overall performance of your microwave. If you think it’s time to get a microwave repair in Langley, or surrounding areas, give us a call at (604) 259-5946 for a free quote and same day repair!

Use Microwave-Safe Dishware

One of the most common reasons as to why the performance of microwaves deteriorates is because some people put incompatible dishware inside them. Avoid: anything made out of  aluminum foil or metal, paper bags, one-time use plastic containers and dishware with gold or silver accents in the microwave. Always check the label of the dishware to see if it’s microwave-safe.

You can conduct a test to see if your dishware is microwave-safe. Place the dishware in the microwave with a microwave safe dish, and heat it on high for 1 minute. If your dishware is too hot to touch, it means that it is likely not microwave-safe as it has absorbed too much energy.

Maintain the Cleanliness

You can easily extend the lifespan of your microwave simply by keeping it clean. Food stains on the interior absorbs energy which can eventually burn and damage the components of the microwave. Cleaning the microwave is easy as all it takes is just wiping it down with warm water and soap.

For those stubborn stains that refuse to budge, you can heat up a cup of water in the microwave for a minute or so to allow some steam to circulate inside. The steam will loosen up the food particles, making it easier to be removed. Investing in a microwave lid/cover can reduce the amount of mess that is produced.

Do Not Run An Empty Microwave

Avoid running the microwave with nothing in it, as it can cause extreme damage to your microwave. The energy that is produced from the microwave is absorbed from the food; when there is nothing in the microwave to absorb the energy, it is then absorbed by the components of the microwave, such as the glass. These materials were not developed to tolerate the energy exposure. Once it is damaged by the energy, it will require a repair or full replacement.

Use Preset Cooking Times

People tend to avoid the preset cooking times that are included with the microwave. The preset microwave times are meant to help you make the most use out of your unit by heating it up to the best of its ability, while keeping the energy loss at a bare minimum. This will help lessen the stress put on your microwave, while also heating up your food at ideal temperatures and heating times.

Know When It’s Time For a Repair/Replacement

Although you may have properly maintained your microwave, it is still bound to encounter some sort of issue in the future. If you notice that your microwave is still not heating up properly, door won’t latch properly or another issue you cannot diagnose, then perhaps it’s time to call in a professional for a microwave repair in Langley.

If you’re in need of a microwave repair in Langley or surrounding areas, call Quick Appliance Repair a call at (604) 259-5946 for a free quote and same day repair!

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