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5 Tips For Baking With Your Gas Oven

Knowing how to use your oven can mean the difference between perfectly cooked and burnt food. Read about these tips which can assist you in getting that even cook in your brownies, soufflés, or anything in between.

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Stay away from dark metal cookware: Dark coloured cookware tends to heat up faster and absorb more heat. This can result in the bottom of your food being cooked before the middle or top is done. Instead, glass or light coloured metal are good choices when baking in gas ovens to get a more even cook.

Turn up the heat for crispier foods: An oven can be humid, so getting foods crispy can be difficult. You can achieve this by turning your oven by just 25°F. Be sure to adjust the time it takes to cook so check on your oven frequently for visual and aromatic signs that your food is finished cooking.

Higher trays mean browner tops: As mentioned before, the moist air can make foods brown a lot slower. To speed up the browning process, move the tray up to the highest rack. You can also bring your food to a higher tray if you’re finding that your tops aren’t cooking as fast as the bottom of the food. Alternatively, you can cook your food in the broiler for a short period of time. Pay careful attention, for it is really easy to overcook and burn your food!

Pizza stones help cook evenly: A pizza stone is able to store and release heat very effectively and evenly. This makes it a great asset in getting very even cooks whenever you bake. When baking, place the pizza stone one rack below whatever you’re baking to get an even, radiant heat. Try not to cook directly on top of the pizza stone as this can overcook or burn lighter foods. Keep your pizza stone on the floor of the oven or the lowest rack when you’re not baking.

Rotate your trays for an even cook: Gas ovens will often have areas that will be hotter than others. Be sure to rotate foods 90 degrees at least once throughout the cooking process. Foods that take longer can be rotated multiple times. When using multiple racks, swap the trays while still rotating them. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, bake multiple trays of bread crumbs on all of the racks in order to identify the hotspots. The next time you cook, you’ll be able to rotate your food according to where the hotspots are.

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