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Diagnostic On A Washer That Won’t Fill With Water

It’s laundry day, and as you go to pull your load of clean clothes out of the washer, you find that it didn’t fill with water at all.

So now your clothes are still dirty and your washer is defunct; it’s annoying, but repairable. Don’t get frustrated by your faulty washer; get it repaired.

Repairs are always faster when you can describe the problem in detail. We’ve listed what to check on your washer to help you diagnose the problem. Remember, if you’re not familiar or experienced with appliance repair, call a professional to avoid wasting time and money.  If you need a washer repair in Langley, give Quick Appliance Repair a call. We’ll have it fixed for you the same day at an affordable price.

What to Check For

The Pressure Chamber

The easiest thing to check on your washer is the pressure chamber. If you notice the washer is spinning with no water, then this is your issue. This happens when the chamber is blocked and air becomes trapped in the tubes, which will keep the pressure switch on. Simply remove whatever is blocking the chamber and your washer should be able to fill.

The Hoses

Check whether the faucet is on and allowing water to enter. If it’s not, you’ve found the reason the reason why If not, pull the washer out so you can get a look at the hoses located at the back.  Check for kinks in the hoses, as this prevents water from entering the washer. If you find kinks, simply straighten them out. If the hose is damaged you’ll have to replace them.

Water Flow

If you notice that the water filling the washer takes ages, but the hoses and filters are in good condition, then the problem’s to do with your house’s plumbing, not your washer. Contact a plumber to have the situation assessed.

The Water Level Switch

If your faucet and hoses are fine, the next place to check is the water level switch. To check this, locate the control panel on your washer. The water level switch will have a clear tube running to it, so it will be easy to find. To test it, you’ll need a volt-ohm meter. Set the meter to RX1 and check all switches. If you don’t get a reading of zero, you’ll need to replace the water level switch.

The Filters

If your faucet, hose and water level switch are all fine then it’s time to check the filters. If the filters are dirty or clogged than the washer won’t fill with water. To check the filters, unplug your washer and disconnect the hoses. The filters are located at the back of the water, next to the water inlet valve. If the filters are dirty clean them out, reconnect the power and hoses, and try your turning on your washer again.

The Water Inlet  Valve

While you’re checking your filters, take a look at the water inlet valve. If the filters are clean, then the problem could be with the valve. If you notice damage it will have to be replaced; call a professional to do this for you. Also take a look at the water volume selector switch, which will be located near the bottom of your washer; check to make sure that all of the buttons are pressed. If they’re not, simple switch them on and try your washer again to see if this was the issue.

Is your washer still not filling with water? Give Quick Appliance Repair a call today at (604) 259-5946 for a quick and affordable washer repair in Langley.

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