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13 Energy Efficient Tips for Your Oven this Summer

It’s almost summer time! Which means it’s almost time for barbeques, picnics and pool parties.

You might be getting ready to bust out the cookbook and try out those new summer recipes you’ve been holding onto all winter long. To keep your oven energy efficient this summer, we’ve listed 13 easy tips for you to try out. So go enjoy those summer meals, without it costing you extra!

13 Energy Efficient Tips

Keep oven clean: just like any other appliance, keeping your oven clean will ensure that it continues to work properly. You’d be surprised how much that caked on food debris affects your oven. Also, don’t forget to keep your oven regularly maintained to optimize its use. If you need an oven repair in Surrey, give Quick Appliance Repair a call. With years of experience under our belt, we can keep your oven cooking for years to come, electric or gas!

Barbeque: if you own a barbeque take advantage of it in the summer. There are tons of meals you can cook on the barbeque, and it doesn’t use up your home’s energy like your oven does.   

Defrost: try defrosting your food in the fridge overnight because this will cut cooking time in half. Plus your food will be easier to prepare if it’s not frozen.

Chop food into smaller pieces: by cutting your food into smaller pieces, they will cook even quicker as the heat won’t have to get through as thick portions.

Pre-boil potatoes: try pre-boiling your potatoes before roasting them in your oven. This will soften them up and cut down on the time it will take them to cook in the oven. You can even use the microwave to do this quickly.

Preheating: while more modern ovens will have a timer to tell how long the preheat is going to be, some older ones don’t. If you have an oven that doesn’t give you a preheat timer, try and learn how long your oven takes to heat up to different temperatures. This way you’ll have an idea how long it’s going to take so you can have your food ready to pop in as soon as it’s ready; this way you’re not wasting energy.

Stainless steel skewers: you can use stainless steel skewers to heat up meat and potatoes faster. The stainless steel absorbs heat quickly and will cook the inside of these foods much faster.

Cook multiples: try to cook as much as you can so that all of the heat and space in your oven is being used. Try and cook a couple of meals at a time, or make more of one thing for more small meals throughout the week. You can always store the leftover food in your fridge and heat it up later.

Air flow: if you are going to cook multiple dishes in your oven, make sure you arrange them so that your oven is able to regulate proper air flow. Try to not block fans and space the pans away from each other.  

Heat up with the preheat: instead of waiting for the preheat to finish, put your food in while the oven is still heating up. Your food will start to heat up with the oven, cutting down on its cooking time.   

Keep oven door closed: every time you open the oven door while it is on, heat escapes and your oven will have to use more energy to get the temperature back up. As tempting as it is to sneak a peek at your food, try to resist as much as you can. Make sure that your window on the oven door is clean so you can see inside as it will let you check how your food is progressing.

Turn your oven off: if you have an electric oven, try turning it off about ten minutes before the end of your cooking time; the oven will stay the same temperature during this time, but it stops using the energy to keep it up.

Use a microwave or toaster oven: ovens take up a lot of energy, microwaves and toaster ovens don’t. If you’re just heating up a small meal, use one of these appliances instead to save energy. Plus, they don’t need as much time to heat up so you’ll get to eat sooner.

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