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9 Maintenance Tips for Your Washer

Is your washer making weird noises, not cleaning properly or leaking?

Instead of calling for a repair right away, try these easy maintenance tips for a quick fix at home and see if that solves the problem.

9 Washer Maintenance Tips

Touch-Ups: Does your washer have ugly scrapes and gashes on the exterior? An easy fix is to touch it up with paint. This will help prevent the marks from rusting as well.

Polish: The cleaners and detergents you put in your washer can make a big mess. Each time you spill, take a clean cloth and an all-purpose cleaner of your choice, then polish off the exterior to prevent stains.

Clean the Inside: You might be thinking that the washer is going to clean itself, but it’s not. You should try to clean your washer once a month to keep it odor-free. This easy maintenance chore will also prevent grime or mold from growing on the inside.  

Don’t Overload: We know you’re busy and have more important things to do, but overloading your washer to save time and energy is going to cause more problems than it solves. Overloading the washer will though the machine off balance and can even break the machine if you do this often. Save yourself the hassle and do an extra load.

Keep it Level: Is your washer making weird vibrating sounds? Before you freak out and call for a repairman, double check and make sure that the washer is level. If it is not level, the machine will rock when it is in use, causing the noisy vibrating. Adjust the legs of the machine so that they are closer to the ground. The closer it is to the floor, the less noise it’s going to make. Most newer models should have adjustable legs for you to do this.

Detergent: Make sure you read your washer’s manual when it comes to determining the right amount. Each machine is different, and putting too much in might make it harder for your washer to dissolve it all. Take a quick second to double check before you start your washer.

Fabric Softener Dispenser: Just like you need to clean the inside of your washer, you need to clean out the fabric softener dispenser occasionally as well. Although it is a liquid, fabric softener will start to gum up and make the inside of the dispenser a gooey mess. Take some warm water and a cloth and clean out the dispenser when you start to notice build-up.

Prevent Flood Damage: If the fill hoses on your washer burst or the water level switch somehow malfunctions, you are going to have water damage. There are a couple of things you can do to prevent this. First, you can get a overflow pan, which will be helpful for smaller drips and leaks. This small plastic pan will fit underneath the washer and protect the floor from leaks and any overflow than can cause water damage. You can also install a water shutoff system, which will automatically shut off the water flow when the washer detects a malfunction.   

Inspect the Hoses: Every once in awhile you should check the water hoses on your washer for any signs of wear and tear. If you notice any cracks in the hoses they should be replaced immediately to prevent more problems from occurring. If left untreated, leaks and flooding could occur. Most manufacturers will recommend replacing the hoses on your washer every 5 years or so to prevent damage and ensure your washer is maintained.

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