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How to Spot 4 Common Problems with Electric Ovens

Are you trying to cook dinner with your electric oven but it’s giving you trouble?

Don’t stress out!

If you need an oven repair, book an appointment with Quick Appliance Repair. We have serviced the Langley area for years. Our experienced technicians will spot the problem with your oven and repair it fast so that you can get back to cooking. Keep reading to learn how to spot a four common electric oven problems that our technicians encounter everyday.

Power Failure

You wondered why dinner was taking so long to cook tonight, then checked the oven only to find it wasn’t generating any heat. One reason for this is that you might have blown a fuse. One sign that your oven has blown a fuse is the digital display on your oven is not working. Unplug your oven and see if the outlet has power with another device. If there is no power, the problem is with the outlet, but if there is, then check the fuse box to see if any fuses need to be replaced. If the fuses are in good condition, then check your elements and make sure they haven’t burnt out.

Elements Not Heating

If you’re trying to cook something and it’s taking a long time or it isn’t cooking evenly, it might be because a heating element has burnt out. To determine where the burnt out element could be, check your dish. Heating elements typically burn out on the top or bottom of the oven. You can also turn your oven on and watch to see which elements are heating and which aren’t; they should glow orange if they are are heating up. Once you have located the problematic element, turn the oven off, wait until it has fully cooled, and replace the damaged element.


If you haven’t blown a fuse, and your elements aren’t burnt out, but you’re still having issues with your oven heating up, check the thermostat. To check the oven’s thermostat, take an oven thermometer and place it inside. Now turn on the oven and heat to different temperatures between 300 – 500 degrees. If you notice that thermometer is off by 50 degrees or more, then your thermostat is broken. This will need to be replaced by a technician.

Strange Smells

If you notice strange smells when your oven is in use, check inside for spills, food crumbs, and other debris that might have accumulated inside the oven. Over time, these things can start to grow mold and smell. This has a simple fix though: all you have to do is clean the inside of your oven. Make sure that the oven is completely off before you do this. Then, just take a clean cloth, soap and warm water and wipe down the interior of the oven. When you clean your oven regularly it prevents this from happening, so be sure to do this at least every couple of months.

Are you experiencing one or more of these problems? Call Quick Appliance Repair at (604) 259-5946 for an oven repair today!

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