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One Easy Method To Defrost Your Fridge/Freezer

Over time, your fridge and freezer will start to build up layers of ice.

You might think, well won’t that help keep the food cold? It might, for a while; the ice actually block fans, and makes it harder for your fridge to circulate the cold air it needs to keep your food cold. This results in a bigger electricity bill, and can even cause your fridge to break down if you leave it too long, resulting in an expensive repair.

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There are a couple of ways you can defrost your fridge. Keep reading for our guide on how you can easily defrost your fridge at home with just a hair dryer!


Remove Contents: The first step is to turn off your refrigerator and freezer. Remove all of the items inside and put them in a cool place so that they won’t spoil. For food that does spoil quickly, put them in a cooler filled with ice. The defrost should only take 10-15 minutes, so they should be fine until you finish.

Remove Shelves: Next, either remove the shelves or pull them back enough so that you can get to the ice. It will be easier if you remove the shelves, but this is up to you. If it’s been awhile since you’ve cleaned them, it might be a good idea to pull them out and give them a quick clean.

Defrost: It’s now time to start defrosting. An easy method is to take a hair dryer to melt the outside of the ice; this will soften the edges and make chipping away the ice easier, especially if your fridge or freezer has a lot of buildup. But don’t melt it too much; you just want to soften it to break if off in one piece. If you let it melt too much you’ll have water leaking everywhere. It will also take your fridge longer to cool down when you turn it back on.

Remove Ice: Once the ice has loosened up enough, take a plastic utensil such as a spatula, and chip the ice away from the edges. Make sure that you are using plastic, as metal can damage the inside of your fridge. Also, try not to chip bits off, but remove the block as a whole instead. If you are having difficulty, try melting it with the hairdryer a bit longer. Make sure you keep the dryer away from water if you notice leaking.

Replace Items: When you have removed the ice, take a dry or damp cloth and wipe down the interior, then replace the shelves. Lastly, turn the fridge and freezer back on, and after it has had a few minutes to start cooling itself back down, you can start putting back the food. Then voila! You’re done!

This should be done twice a year to avoid large ice build up, or whenever you notice a lot of ice starting to form. It’s not a fun task, but it’s quick and easy, plus it will make your fridge run better.

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