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One Dryer Maintenance Tip That Can Change Your Life

Why should you clean your lint trap? It might seem like a tedious thing, but cleaning out your dryer’s lint trap should be done every time you use your dryer. Find out why below!

Cleaning out the lint trap in your dryer helps keep your dryer working better longer, and can save you from unexpected repairs. If you need a dryer repair in Langley, call the team at Quick Appliance Repair We do same-day and emergency service at affordable prices.

Safety Risks

If not done regularly, you not only risk your appliance not working properly, but you are potentially putting yourself at risk for a fire as well. According to experts, over 15,000 fires are started by dryers every year. Lint and other debris builds up and reduces the airflow through the dryer, which causes the dryer to exhaust gases and results in fire. Just taking 2 minutes to clean out your lint trap not only saves you an appliance repair, but saves you from a lot more damage as well.

How To Clean Your Lint Trap

Your dryer lint trap should be cleaned each time before you turn on a cycle. There are a couple of different ways to clean out your dryer lint trap:

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