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2 Common Oven Issues You May be Facing

The Importance of Your Oven

Your oven is a staple in your home.

The oven is where you may bake your son or daughter’s birthday cake, or maybe they will bake your birthday cake for you! Proper maintenance and regulation testings of your oven can help you extend the efficiency and lifespan of your oven, reducing the need for oven repair! Quick Appliance Repair can help figure out what exactly is going on and if you require oven repair services in Surrey.

There are a few options when dealing with a faulty oven, these vary from getting your oven repaired, trying to repair your oven yourself, or replacing the oven entirely. We can give you an idea of what you may be encountering and if your problems seem tricky or you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, than we suggest you give us a call at (604) 259-5946.

What is wrong with my oven? How can I fix it?

While there are not many problems that you can self diagnose, there are two basic ones;

The first problem being: the power source may be compromised!  If your oven won’t turn on, or even heat up you may be dealing with a blown fuse, and one way to figure it out is to see if your timer settings/clock is working. Try and fix this by resetting your power, from your electrical panel. If you have an older more traditional oven, we suggest that you cut your risk and give us a call right away for a free quote your oven repair service!

The second problem may be that your oven is not, as we specified before, heating up, or turning on. This does not necessarily have to be because of a fuse in your electrical panel. It could be because of the electrical wiring inside of the oven itself. In this case it is best advised, by us at Quick Appliance Repair, that you get a technician to help you out!

At home repairs can quickly turn dangerous, so it is better to call a licensed professional for a diagnoses and repair. Call a professional, licensed technician!

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