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How To Avoid Needing Dishwasher Repair in Langley

Your dishwasher plays a crucial role in your kitchen and household. To avoid needing dishwasher repairs in Langley, and to ensure that your dishwasher serves it’s purpose for many years to come, we have a blog for you. Here you can find some great and useful maintenance tips for your home dishwasher. With these tips, you can accomplish 3 things. First, you will help reduce the chances of needing dishwasher repair. Second, you will help your dishwasher work to it’s fullest capacity. Lastly, performing these maintenance tips will help make your dishwasher last longer than ever before. Read more on the subject below!

Vinegar Cycle

This simple cleaning trick will help maintain your dishwasher for many years to come. Throw in one cup of vinegar into your dishwasher and run a cycle. Make sure you pick the heaviest cleaning cycle available on your dishwasher. This will get rid of debris, visible or not, and it will also kill any unwanted bacteria from food. This is not only a good maintenance tip, it is also a very easy way to keep your dishwasher sparkling!

Baking Soda To The Rescue

This tip can be used whenever you’d like, but it is the most ideal to do after you have run the aforementioned vinegar cycle. Simple sprinkle some baking soda on the floor of the dishwasher and let it soak for many hours, preferably overnight. Once you have let it soak in, run yet another heavy cycle on your dishwasher. Not only will your dishwasher look amazing, it will smell amazing, too.

Borax For True Maintenance Cleaning

Borax is a cheap and naturally occurring substance that can help you add years on to your dishwashers life. Simply scrub the inside walls and floors of your dishwasher with borax. Once you have loosened all particulars and bacteria, wipe away with a damp cloth. You can top this off by running a heavy cycle with a quarter cup of borax thrown in.

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