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3 Tips: Help Homeowners in Vancouver Avoid Costly Dishwasher Repairs

There are a couple of reasons your dishwasher may malfunction over time. If your dishwasher will not drain the water from it, or won’t allow for new water or fully cleaned dishes either. This is when looking for a nearby repair service in Vancouver may come in handy!

If you look inside your dishwasher and find that water is left sitting in the bottom, you know it is not draining properly. If this happens you want to take a look to make sure your dishwasher is not clogged. Usually, if you disconnect the pipe that connects your dishwasher to your drainage, hold down the cancel button or press it twice in a row this should allow the water to drain.

For many families in Vancouver, the dishwasher is a saving grace. It really is one of those appliances that are difficult to live without. To keep your dishwasher doing your dirty work, our experts at Quick Appliance Repair have come up with some tips for keeping your dishwasher up to speed. Read our 3 maintenance tips to keep from needing dishwasher repairs!

Tip 1: Clean your dishwashers screen

Many homeowners don’t know that there is a filter screen at the bottom of their dishwasher below the spray arm. Like all filters, it needs to be cleaned to give you the service you require. When dishwasher filters get dirty, food particles are trapped by the filter and turns slimy. Simply, cleaning the filter of your dishwasher will save you money and energy moving forward.

Tip 2: Don’t use too much soap

You may think that more soap means cleaner dishes, but it doesn’t work that way. Your dishwasher is designed to do it’s job using just a little bit of soap. Typically, one teaspoon of soap will do the trick.

Tip 3: Avoid spraying switches

When you are cleaning your dishwasher, don’t spray your cleaner directly on the knobs and control panels. By spraying your switches with a cleaner, you will be at risk of letting liquids get behind the control panels, which may cause a shortage and damage your dishwasher.

Have you tried everything but your dishwasher still continues to malfunction on you? If you live in Vancouver or the surrounding areas? Call Quick Appliance Repair technicians at 1 888-456-8860 or click here to book an appointment today!


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