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How To: Repair The Dishwasher in Your Vancouver Home

If your dishwasher stops working properly, it isn’t the end of the world, but it does cause stress, and hassle in your life.

Fixing a dishwasher isn’t usually an emergency, typically homeowners have time before deciding on a repair company to diagnose the problem on their own. If your dishwasher continuously does a bad job cleaning your dishes it may be time for a repair!

Here are some steps you can follow if you run into these washer problems at home:

Dishwasher doesn’t run

Be sure to check if the power is on, the door is latched, and the control is on. If nothing happens after checking then your appliance is not receiving power. Next, check the electrical panel that helps the dishwasher run, you should look for a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse.

Dishwasher doesn’t fill

If your dishwasher doesn’t fill at all something may be wrong with the water supply system or it is draining the water too early. If this happens, you should make sure the water is turned on, turn off the power to the dishwasher, and shut off the hot water valve to the dishwasher to avoid further problems.

Dishwasher overflows

If the water flow to the dishwasher doesn’t automatically turn off, the float switch is faulty, this mean the timer is stuck on fill, or the water inlet valve is stuck open. If this is a problem you are experiencing with your dishwasher it is a good idea to unplug the dishwasher, note which wires are attached, and if necessary call a repair technician nearby!

Dishwasher Doesn’t Drain

Following a cycle a small pool of water is normal but excessive amounts can lead to leaks and further damages to your home. If water is piling up in your dishwasher this means the pump isn’t doing its job properly, the drain hose isn’t carrying it to the drainpipe, or the houses drain lines are backed up.

If you find yourself suffering with this dishwasher problem, you can remove the cover from the air gap at the top of the sink, when the dishwasher cools you can shut off the power to it. Now, determine whether if the sink trap or the house line is plugged.

If you have tried time and time again but still cannot find the way to repair the dishwasher in your Vancouver home, call Quick Appliance Repair technicians at 1 888 456 8860 or click here for more information!

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