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Tips on At Home Oven Repair in Surrey

Your oven has the potential to live a long and efficient life, with a little help from you, the user. However, even the highest-quality ovens can at times bump into some problems. A malfunctioning oven is a huge problem on the home. Regular cooking and baking using the oven will need to be stopped, which means you will likely be ordering food or going to restaurants. Not only is this a nuisance, it can quickly become very costly.

If your oven stops working, you have two options: find a solution for repair by yourself, or hire a skilled repair technician to perform a repair service for you. Here,Quick Appliance Repair will help you with problems you can resolve yourself at home, and which ones you will need a technician for. Trust only Quick Appliance Repair for all of your oven repair needs in Surrey today!

Are The Elements Working?

If your elements are not sufficiently heating (or not heating at all), it might be the fault of the element itself. If you have a plug-in style of stove top element, then it may be an issue with the terminal block. If you own a smooth top range, then the problem is either on the element or the element limiter. If any of these are the source of the issue, you will need a repair technician to thoroughly assess and repair your stove/oven. If you notice that  multiple elements have stopped working all at once, then it is likely that a fuse might have opened.

Is There an Issue With the Power Source?

If your oven completely won’t turn on or heat up, the problem source might come from a blown fuse. If you notice that your oven clock is also not working in conjunction with this,  then it is further proof that this is the issue. The common cause of this is a blown fuse. If you see the circuit breaker box, try restarting the breaker. If this does not fix the problem, then your issue might be much more difficult to fix.

Certain older ovens will have a set of separate fuses in the top, too. If these are not immediately available to you with disassembly, and you do not have any knowledge with these sort of repairs, it is in your best interest to simply hire a professional. This is an easy fix, but could cause more harm than good if done incorrectly!

Did this guide help you to easily fix your issues with your oven at home? If not, it’s time to call a licensed professional! Don’t let a broken oven get in the way of your daily regimen, call Quick Appliance Repair today at (604) 259-5946 for your same-day repair service!

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